About Us

OUTSOURCED FINANCIAL & ACCOUNTING SERVICES (OFA) was established to provide key financial and accounting services by capitalizing on over twelve years experience in the corporate environment. Big corporations have transitioned to outsourcing financial and accounting services to take advantage of lower costs and processing efficiencies. OFA has mirrored this model and offers the same advantages to small business.

By outsourcing financial and accounting services you the client can focus on growing and operating your business. 


Outsourcing financial and accounting services have become popular due to the recent economic downturn. Companies realized to maximize profit margins outsourcing functions, such as, accounts payable, general ledger accounting, credit/collections, payroll, and accounts receivable (billing of revenue and posting of cash receipts) allows the company to focus on profit generating activities. Outsourcing allows the consolidation of services, which results in fewer people handling similar tasks, therefore, reducing the cost. These savings can be reinvested in driving more revenue and creating more economic benefit.

In addition to cost reduction, feedback to operating units is optimized. OFA develops analytical tools to help companies discover the most profitable growth opportunities. These analytical tools run in parallel with the processing of transactions to provide real-time solutions. OFA will provide you the client with valuable revenue and expense data trends to grow your companies profit potential.


Cloud computing is the practice of using network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Local computing is migrating to cloud computing to take advantage of remote servers to run operating software and data storage. Software and documents are accessed via any computer connected to the internet. Data is transmitted over the Internet using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Currently most business and individuals use some type of cloud base computing through email, banking, or social networking. Consumers have become confident in the transfer and storage of business and personal data via the Internet. Now is the time to capitalize on computing in the cloud.

OFA utilizes Accounting Relief software for its web-based platform. This allows you the client and OFA to work together using the same system. The software and client data are stored on secure servers that allow access from anywhere at any time. You the client no longer needs to spend valuable time installing software, updates and patches. Also, all source documentation, such as, invoices, timesheets, and bank statements are saved avoiding worry about loss of crucial documentation.